Friday, May 7, 2010

collaborative writing thoughts

i thought this was a pretty fun project. i learned a lot about google documents and how great it is to use when multiple people want to work on one document together. i think our group worked great together. everybody was very involved and helped eachother out with feedback and peer editting. our final project came together very nicely and it's something to be proud of. i was also impressed with all of the other projects. i'm curious as to how they got several people to contribute to one story. that must have been challenging, and i'm sure they had to communicate a lot about what the story was going to be about, and discuss every minor event that happened in their stories, but it seems that they did a great job of it. it was fun to read other people's projects. again, i'm glad we got to explore google docs. i'm sure i'll use this a lot in the future for other group projects. i didn't even know such a thing existed. very convenient.

Monday, April 26, 2010

collaborative writing project

I think each of us should write a piece of fiction based on the same topic. This way we can put all of our writing pieces together and create one big story. It may be a weird story with so many students putting in what they think should happen, but it would be fun, and would definitely be better than writing a research paper. I already wrote a ten page research paper for school last fall and I really don't want to do it again!! i'm pretty sure i spelled collaborative wrong. that's something else I'd like to learn, how to spell collaborative. That would be...great. And probably useful in the future. :) :D :x 8 I yeah...I'm just going to keep typing I guess...buhbuhbuhbuhbuh.

Monday, April 19, 2010

e-mail etiquette notes

1. Make sure you have a meaningful subject line.
2. Use standard spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
3. Be careful about jokes.
4. When someone sends you a list of questions, it's appropriate to answer them in a list-form
5. Don't send an e-mail that can hurt your reputation

focused freewriting: social media revolution

I think it's pretty crazy how much things have grown on the internet such as facebook and twitter. When they compared the population of facebook to the largest countries, that really showed how very popular it is. Since 24 of 25 of the largest paper companies are running out of business now, we can really tell that it is indeed a social media revolution. Many people don't read newspapers or hard copies of magazines anymore, they find out these things on the internet through twitter updates, blogs (most of which are updated daily), etc. All of this leads to the question; "what happens next?" What will be the next improvement in the ways of social media.

Friday, April 16, 2010

free writing activity

i hate mornings a lot. getting out of bed is the most challenging thing ever. this morning i woke up and my hair was still wet from the shower i took before i went to bed at 2 in the morning. it was....awkward? i don't know. but i'm really tired. i got like, 4 hours of sleep. cool. i walked to the wrong class today. i do that a lot though. more than i need to. gahhhhh i'm soo tired!! i can't stand it, i want to go back to bed. and i have three frq's to do for stats before 4th period. and a physics test on the most confusing topic ever 5th period. ohhhh nooooo. ah. oh well. i'm excited for sunday! i'm going to the angels & airwaves concert. cool. free writing is officially awkward..